Abjcoin Fork To Occur On 11th June 2018

The Abjcoin commerce which is the re-branded version of Abjcoin/ Abjcoin Fork has successfully undergone its due metamorphosis and is ready to be launched into the market; so far this process has been rigorous and meticulous to suit standard procedures and to align with international best practices.
We believe that this re-branding with go a long way to bolster growth for the Abjcoin commerce project and take it to greater height.
We want to thank every one of our community members who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of this rebranding process.
The Abjcoin fork is estimated to occur at exactly block 250,000. It is important to note that any transaction after this estimated block will not get the Abjcoin commerce forked coins.
The following are exchanges/ wallets that the Abjcoin Commerce will be partnering with to ensure Abjcoin holders partake of the forthcoming Fork. If you hold Abjcoin in any of these wallets, you would receive Abjcoin Commerce.
• Satowallet
• Stocks Exchange
• Abjcoin Mobile wallet.
Pool Related Issues
For a while we have worked tirelessly to resolve all issues from the Abjcoin Pool, for those who haveany issue whatsoever on the pool please contact our Support Team, the deadline to contact the team is till Friday 10th of June 2018.
To get your mining pool issue resolved send your request to contact@abjcoin.org in this format
• Your emails address (the one you used in creating your Abjcoin mining pool account).
• Your username
• Your new wallet address
• The amount of coin.
Kindly note that if your request does not meet the above criteria, your request will not be attended to


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  1. Benson Irejor says:

    Pls how can i buy Abjcoin? stock.exchange is not working and every other means are not working.

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