Abjcoin forks happen on Monday 11th June 2018

The Abjcoin commerce fork will commence on Monday and hence Abjcoin commerce will stand as a new and independent project,different from the Abjcoin project,all social media platforms has been changed to this effect. Take a look at the website www.abjcoin.org
The Abjcoin fork will happen on Monday the 11th of June 2018, at block 250,000 kindly read on how to claim your Abjcoin commerce if your coins are in the Abjcoin core wallet here
We are working on listing Abjcoin commerce on exchanges so trading can commerce as soon as possible. The Stocks.exchange team has requested a non-refundable fee of 0.6btc to list Abjcoin commerce, we understand that we have built business relationship with stocks.exchange hence their prompt response; we are still considering other exchanges as the team keeps deliberating on furthering partnership with stocks.exchange as soon as possible.
Abjcoin commerce will no longer make use of the current Abjcoinofficial group as all official updates and news about Abjcoin Commerce will be done through Abjcoin Commerce telegram channel https://t.me/officialabjcoinchannel
Kindly follow our other social media platforms to get fresh updates and news.
Thank you for choosing Abjcoin commerce


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