The Abjcoin developer team has come to a conclusion to modify the Abjcoin chain to cease hackers funds. The team has spent over $100,000 in restoring hacked funds but since hacker has refused to give up all coins, the team took out time to search through the block on which the hacked coin occurred and will be removing them from the chain.

We believe that spending more funds on the hacker will bring allot of harm to the community , as our road-map is large and requires allot of funds to fulfill them”Starting from the global fiat market, Debit cards, ATM machines and more”.

Therefore all users are required to transfer their funds from core wallet and every other wallet or exchange site, into the wallet provided on the official website(https://abjcoin.org/wallet/) as all the exchange will be  pausing trade and put wallet on maintenance to successfully carry out this modifications. This however may also lead to a fork and old chain will be killed so there can be only one chain. On event of a fork, investors funds will be swap for a 1:1 on full KYC.

Modification or fork will occur from 9th December 2017 at 8am CAT. All users are expected to deposit their Abjcoin into the wallet here to be part of it. Completing fork or modifications can take up to 7 days, and then withdrawals will be activated  and new wallet software will be issued , that will be compatible with the chain.

The Abjcoin team is committed to this project and to the road-map to achieve the aim of this project.

Thank you for your support!

AbjCoin Blockchain

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  1. Ahmad says:

    Oh my God! This is really sad, I was trying make a new wallet here and this happened.

  2. The online wallet, is it a general wallet? if yes, how do you account for the individual transfers to allocate them after the fork

  3. ABC says:

    is there a new wallet ? I have my coins in old core wallet. Is that okay ?

    • Yes you are to move your coins from wherever into the wallet here.

  4. Juan Xiong Juan Xiong says:

    You cannot make a new wallet when you follow the link. It says the link doesnt exist. Can’t make wallet. What is going on?

    • You dont need to make wallet just login and you will see wallet.

  5. Lordgate says:

    Very good move,this will go a long way to put Abjcoin on track again.

  6. Instinct says:

    Am unable to login

  7. Do i have to move my coin also from Satowallet even when is not an exchanger

  8. Simon Praise Simon Praise says:

    hey how do i move my coins from coins market yet i cant access abj wallet they say its disabled

  9. Wallet here is showing error, wallet not working, how do we open a wallet here and move our coins here?

  10. Tunechi says:

    What do you mean we have to login?I transferred my coins to my old
    desktop wallet, am I safe?

  11. i cant see deposit address for my online wallet

  12. I have registered on the abjcoin.org site, went to -wallet,ignored all the bugs,and there I found the wallet address,to keep my coins until the fork has passed.I have transfered from coinsmarkets.com
    Posted ,just in case there are still any late coin owners,that don’t know what to do.
    Thank u

  13. yinusa taiwo says:

    great move. kudus to abjcoin team!! to the moon soonest

  14. Please how do you now know us

  15. how do you know people who deposited and allocate them exactly i need reply ASAP

  16. Finally, i got my coin into the wallet. stressful though but am glad.

  17. I just got info on the fork, is there still a way to deposit?

  18. Is it still okay to transfer coin, just got this info.

  19. Taiwo says:

    What will happen to those still yet to transfer their coin? And for those who did not get this information after this fork? Can they still transfer after the fork?

  20. Uzzy Nkem Uzzy Nkem says:

    please the wallet isnt showing so how do i send mine help pls

    • Contact a telegram admin, fork already on so wallet will not show.

  21. Ouaali says:

    I connect to my wallet, I do not see my 1440 abj that I bought, I had 1440 ABJ. Always nothing!! Is this normal?What should I do? I have to do something to get my money back or do I have to wait like everyone else?
    One thing is sure that I printed the key to my wallet where my money is.
    Thanks for doing what’s needed!!!

  22. I can’t found my abjcoin in my wallet, it’s telling me ‘wallet operation failed: Not allowed’. How will I be able to get my abjcoin back

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