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How to claim your Abjcoin Commerce

If you are using the Abjcoin Core wallet and want to claim your forked Abjcoin commerce (ABJC) this article is for you. The Abjcoin commerce which will be forked at exactly block 250,000, everybody whose transaction occur below …


Abjcoin Fork To Occur On 11th June 2018

The Abjcoin commerce which is the re-branded version of Abjcoin/ Abjcoin Fork has successfully undergone its due metamorphosis and is ready to be launched into the market; so far this process has been rigorous and meticulous to suit …


The Unveiling Of The Abjcoin Commerce Logo

We are proud to unveil the new Abjcoin commerce logo to our community members, this describes the focus of the Abjcoin commerce; Fostering commerce and trade. Be Involved follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbjcoinBlockchain Twitter: https://twitter.com/abjcoinblockch Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abjcoinblockchain/   What do …